After week two

Weight: 203 lbs
Measure point 1: 39.67 inches
Measure point 2: 38.5 inches
Measure point 3: 42.83 inches

Measurements for week 2 (Click to enlarge)

Measurements for week 2 (Click to enlarge)

Measure point 1 (stomach) dropped once again, so maybe the initial measurement was flawed. However, I did gain a pound since last week. This might be due to increased muscle gain, or maybe it has to do with the number of jelly beans I have consumed over the weekend.

In week one I added an additional exercise to the routine, and I think that played a significant role into why my legs were sore Monday and Tuesday. I also noted that the days after I do the long arm crunch, my biceps would be sore as well. That might be the result of me trying to keep my arms straight and in-line with my back, but I am not sure. I will keep an eye on that.

With this being week two, I am adding another exercise to the two routines. Routine A will have the bicycle crunch added, and Routine B will have the reverse crunch added. While I enjoy seeing the measurements decrease in size, I am hoping to see the weight begin to decrease. Four more weeks to go.


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