After the first week

One week has passed, so it is time to check out the stats to see if there has been any change.

Weight: 202 lbs
Measure point 1: 39.92 inches
Measure point 2: 38.75 inches
Measure point 3: 42.42 inches

Other than measure point 1, there wasn’t much of a change following the first week. This was expected, since the muscle groups haven’t been fully challenged yet. Add in the interruptions into my planned workout schedule this week, that would have added additional doubt into my though about any increases or decreases in the measurements above. However, the one-inch decrease in measure point 1 is curious.

Last week, measure point 1 was 40.92 inches (average), and this week it is down to 39.92 inches. Could I have been retaining extra water last week when I took the measurements? Was it just an erroneous set of measurements? Did I actually burn one inch of fat with my plan?

To track these changes, I have created the graph below. The three different colored lines represent the three measure points described earlier. If there is an erroneous measurement for measure point 1, it should become obvious over the next two weeks.

Measurements for Week 1

Measurements for Week 1 (Click to enlarge)


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