Midpoint week one

I don’t believe I covered this earlier, but I do plan to have two days off during the challenge to allow the body a chance to recover. The two days are Wednesday and Saturday. I chose Saturday since it is usually a busy day for me. Wednesday was more of an arbitrary day, but it seemed to be practical since it is the midpoint of the week.

This week has not quite gone as plan. Sunday was the kick-off of my personal challenge to lose five pounds, and that went well. Monday, however, I was derailed due to a pleasant evening and a need to treat my lawn for Spring. While the process of pushing the spreader around the lawn doesn’t target the muscle groups highlighted in the challenge, I gave it a pass as a form of exercise. Then yesterday afternoon came, and I found my plan for continuing with the exercise placed on hold … again. Fortunately, I spent the evening helping someone pack-up their home so they could move. I therefore count those 90 minutes as a suitable alternative due to the lifting and carrying of medium and heavy items.

Tomorrow … knock on wood … I will finally be able to start Routine B.


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