Exercise routines

I have worked out two exercise routines that I will alternate during the week to target all of the muscle zones as described earlier. The routines are as follows:

Routine A (week 1)
– (warmup stretches)
Basic crunch (20 reps)
Forward lunge (20 reps)
Crossover crunch (20 reps)
– Standing side bends (10 reps)
Chair squat (20 reps)
Reverse crunch (20 reps)

Routine A (week 2)
add:  Pile Squat (20 reps)

Routine A (week 3)
add:  Bicycle crunch (20 reps)

Routine A (week 4)
add:  Standing side bends (10 reps)
add:  Oblique twist (20 reps)

Routine A (week 5)
add:  Long arm crunch (20 reps)

Routine A (week 6)
add:  Forward lunge (20 reps)

Routine B (week 1)
– (warmup stretches)
Long arm crunch (20 reps)
Pile squat (20 reps)
Bicycle crunch (20 reps)
– Standing side bends (10 reps)
Oblique twist (20 reps)
Basic crunch (20 reps)

Routine B (week 2)
add:  Chair squat (20 reps)

Routine B (week 3)
add:  Reverse crunch (20 reps)

Routine B (week 4)
add:  Standing side bends (10 reps)
add:  Forward lunge

Routine B (week 5)
add:  Crossover crunch

Routine B (week 6)
add:  Pile squat

As you can see above, each week I will be adding an additional exercise to the routine. This will ensure that the body is not only receiving a full exercise targeting all the muscle groups, but also to ensure that I am challenging myself. While I might not have enough endurance at first to complete five exercises in a routine, by the end of the challenge I should be able to ten exercises a day.

For those of you who consider doing similar exercises, ensure to properly stretch before starting the exercises, and ensure you have water available to keep yourself hydrated. Also, remember to pace and not to overexert yourself. The point of exercising is to lose weight and build muscle, not to cause pain or damage. I have chosen these exercises because I have done them in the past and are comfortable with my ability to perform them now. If you are new to exercising, you should consult a physical trainer, and visit your personal doctor to ensure you are in proper medical condition before starting any exercise routine.


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