Chapter 14: Turning the page

There is always something to do…

Jackson accepted the change in status/transfer of the cases to the other department, but he still felt frustrated that he wasn’t able to solve the cases. All the clues were there, at least that is what he thought. People were missing from the crime scenes, leaving dust behind that contained their DNA. How are these people connected, and why were they killed?

All of his notes were sent out to the other department, giving him time to focus on something else – his thoughts. He was so looking forward to working with Chambers for the first time, not working to find where he disappeared to. Holding a letter he received from Chambers when he first joined the precinct, he remembered the promise enclosed: “I will be there when you solve your first case.” So much for that.

The silence was broken by the ringing phone. On the other end, the boss tells Jackson to take some time off to put the case behind him. Easier said than done, but a change of scenery would do him some good. On his desk were some photos of those who were missing. Gathering up his belongings, Jackson collected the photo’s and placed them into a folder, hoping to one day do right by them.


Father and Chambers continued to talk about the platform, leading to the obvious questions. Where are the others? Why does Babs remain? Father explained that his intentions were noble when he showed up to save those in trouble, but he couldn’t figure out how to return them in their original state. Babs stayed behind since the mystery of how she appeared to be an old woman baffled him, but Father sent the others on to a different place. With Chambers close involvement with Babs and his family, Father asks if Chambers would look after her while he went on to solve the mystery of her age.

“Father, is it possible for me to use the platform to go back and make contact with someone to inform them of my situation and those of the others you have rescued?” Chambers asked.

“That’s not very wise. The person won’t recognize you. Here you can take form of a person, but there you will be mostly light. Plus, you risk accidentally coming in contact with someone, causing you to bring them here as well. I wouldn’t recommend it.” Father said.

“I spent a lot of time investigating Barbara’s disappearance and visiting with her family. Someone needs to know the truth about what really happened to her as well as the others.” Chambers said.

“And who would you tell all this to? Do you think that they can just run to her parents and say ‘Hey, guess what? Your daughter isn’t dead. She’s in fact a ball of energy transported to another planet.’” Father replied.

“No …” Chambers started to say.

“AND that still doesn’t get past the problem of the person not being able to tell someone else without being viewed as being crazy.” Father said.

“Someone has to be told…” Chambers said.

Sitting in his chair facing the fireplace, Jackson was doing his best not to reflect back on the cases. The silence of the room, minus the crackling of the burning wood and the occasional tap of his ring against the glass of beer bottle, was a nice change of pace from all the phone calls and interviews. Yet that void of noise also had to be filled by something.

On the table next to the beer bottle laid the photographs from his office. He couldn’t help but not bring them home. The mystery was burned in the back of his mind and will stick with him forever. “What would Bill do now,” Jackson said to himself.

“Exactly what you are doing now,” Chambers replied.

2 Responses to Chapter 14: Turning the page

  1. ilikeverin says:

    “He was so looking forward to…” -> “He had been so looking forward to…” and “photo’s” -> “photos” (that last one is a real pet peeve!)


    * I’m not entirely convinced I care about Jackson, at the beginning; I’m waiting for Chambers to come back.
    * I got a bit lost a couple of times in the dialogue in the second part. I was able to reorient myself, but there’s something about it that bugs me, one too many “him”s and “there”s all over the place adding up to a confused ILV. I didn’t pick up on Babs=Barbara at all until it was mentioned that her parents were looking for her. Maybe it was because Chapter 1 was wayyyyy back when, and also probably because I’m one of those hip teenyboppers to whom “Barbara” is an old people name and “Babs” is unheard of. (for reference, “Barbara” was the 208th most popular baby name in the year of my birth, behind “Mercedes”, “Tabitha”, and “Yesenia”)
    * Jackson is kinda old timey if he likes to chill by a fire for kicks.

  2. Ethel says:

    1st para: “Although the cases had been transferred to another department, Jackson remained frustrated . . .”

    2nd para: “He had so looked forward to working with Chambers for the first time, but instead began the investigation into his disappearance.”

    2nd para: I was under the impression that Jackson wasn’t a newbie. The letter from chambers mentioning solving the first case implies that Jackson is new. Maybe add ‘our’ first case. Maybe you intended Jackson to be a newbie?

    3rd para: change ‘photo’s’ to ‘photos’ ; also previous chap. indicated all evidence was turned over to the other department. Wouldn’t the victims’ photos be part of the evidence file. Maybe you can have him making copies (or keeping an extra copy)? Also, why would he only have a copy of some of them? Another option: just a photo of Chambers.

    4th para: . . . return them to their original state.” – chg ‘in’ to ‘to’; maybe instead of using ‘state’ use ‘bodies’. And if the Father could transport them to a different place, why couldn’t he send them back to their bodies? And since bodies of the victims are missing, it’s seems something is missing here.

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