Chapter 7: The awakening

for whom the bells toll…

The chirping of the birds grew louder and louder, stirring Bill Chambers back to consciousness. Thoughts in his minds, of being cold and in pain, quickly faded away as he started to open his eyes, causing his dreams to come to an end. On second thought, the pain was still there. He reached up and grabbed his head as he laid there on the ground, with the light flickering through the slits between his eyelids.

Rubbing his eyes and then looking up, Bill noticed he was still in the woods, the sun breaking through the canopy above. The green and yellow leaves created a canvas of soft light that calmed him – that was, until he realized something. It was Fall. Where did all the leaves come from?

Confused, he tried to sit up, only to wince in pain and instinctively reached for his side. If he was dreaming, he wouldn’t have known it. Looking around, he became more puzzled. He was sure that he was lying near their railroad tracks last night, but none were to be seen. Gaining his composure, he worked his way onto his feet, leaning up against the tree for support. “What the hell…” he thought, as he slowly made his way around the tree, searching for some sort of landmark.

Through the trees, he thought he saw a clearing. “Ah, there’s the tracks!” he said. Reaching out to different trees as he made his way in the direction of the clearing, Bill made his way into the clearing only to be disappointed. “Where are the tracks? Where am I?” While the tracks were missing, a sense of hope entered Bill’s mind when the clearing gave way to a dirt road, that lead through a path through the trees. A road meant civilization, and civilization will lead to help. Pressing his hand against his side, he took a deep breath and began his journey into the unknown.

Jackson looked up from his computer and noticed it was already after two in the morning. Sleep was something that Jackson hasn’t received much of since Chambers disappeared. He has spent the past few days viewing and reviewing these open cases of missing persons without any success. “How can I find answers when I don’t even know the questions?” Jackson thought while rubbing his eyes. He wasn’t even sure if these cases had anything in common to begin with. Doubt began to set in as he reached over to turn off the monitor and make his way to bed. Maybe the questions will come tomorrow. Maybe.


One Response to Chapter 7: The awakening

  1. Ethel says:

    Good visual in this section . . . still wondering how someone can be thrown from a train and walking around. 🙂

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