Sorry about last weekend

I’m sorry about not getting chapter 3 posted in time on Sunday this past weekend. I was out of town and ran out of time. Chapter 3 will be posted this weekend, featuring a young man named “Chen” (just to give you a sneak peek).


2 Responses to Sorry about last weekend

  1. ilikeverin says:

    No worries; I was, and am through tomorrow, in Europe, so not exactly in a position to do some high-test editing 😉

  2. admin says:

    *laughs* Well, you know I look forward to your editing. 🙂 It’s been non-stop lately. Out of town for a wedding two weekends ago, out of town for a family visit last weekend, and I’ll be out of town next weekend for a birthday. I’m putting more hours on the road than some truckers I know. hahaha

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