The NFC Champions NEW YORK GIANTS are heading to Super Bowl XLII to challenge the AFC Champions New England Patriots.  While the Patriots are the favored team to win, our Giants are not to be counted out.  In the last match up between these two teams in Week 17, the Giants came within 3 points of defeating the Patriots after leading them by 12 points at one moment in the game.  This SHOULD be a hard-hitting close game, and if so, it should be very entertaining for everyone who is watching.  While I hope the Giants win (and vindicate their loss from the 2000 season), I will not be upset if they lose, especially if it is a close game.  They have worked hard and never fully been given the credit for their sucesses all season. 

 So get your snacks ready and call your friends over, and cheer for the BIG BLUE!

Come on Giants, YOU CAN WIN!

2 Responses to GO GIANTS!

  1. Adrian Vogel says:

    Thanks for the image

  2. Watch The Lovely Bones says:

    To his credit, Snyder seems to have realized that most of his decisions were terrible. The signing of Allen as GM and perhaps Shanahan as coach may bode well for this once storied franchise….

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