Musing: How TO get a million blog hits a day

Two months ago I wrote an article called “How NOT to get a million blog hits a day,”discussing some ways people use controversial topics as a way to generate exposure to their website.  Well, I’m glad to report that I discovered on topic which did generate a lot of exposure for my own site during the past three months, and that is the Dodge Nitro commercial “Beautiful World.”  In four months, my site has been visited 1667 times.  The Dodge Nitro commercial post has received 712 visits, accounting for 43% of the site activity.  See?  A simple commercial is all it takes, and not pictures of Saddam hanging or Spears walking around without underwear on.

Now I love the commercial for both the song and the special effects, but I never guessed that so many of you out there also felt the same.  To all of you who visited the site, I want to say thank you, and I hope I can find another commercial for your enjoyment.


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