Maritime: SS Green Island (Part 2)

Surprisingly, I have received many hits due to searches on the SS Green Island.  For those that have not read my November article on the ship, she is a LASH, or a Lighter Aboard SHip vessel.  To all of you that are searching for information on the Green Island, please leave me a message letting me know if you have sailed on the ship at some point, or what information you are looking for.  I have a few personal pictures of the ship that I need to scan and get uploaded, if that is what you are looking for.  If you are checking out the latest status on the ship, I will do my best to find that for you.  But please, leave me a message to make yourself known.  I have not found a Green Island dedicated website yet for former crew members, so maybe we can start one here.

Thank you in advance, and I hope to hear from you soon.


6 Responses to Maritime: SS Green Island (Part 2)

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  2. Owen O'Neill says:

    I was operations manager for the Agency tt handled CGL vsls in Singapore and southeast asia fm when the service 1st started in the 1970s The inaugural vsl was Green Valley followed by G. Harbour then G. Island in tt order as I recall. Flashes I,II, III, & IV with their attendant tugs provided feeder services delivering/gathering LASH barges fm around SEA and delivering them mainly to Singapore where mother ship exchanges took place. For 5 yrs I liased with the ship’s officers & personally co-ordinated port operations attending onboard throughout the time the vsls were in port. Other vsls I attended were the worlds 1st LASH ships, 1969 Japanese built, Norewegian flagged Arcadia Forest and Atlantic Forest tt pioneered CGL’s Nola / Rotterdam service. Their success was soon followed by 10 American built & flagged vsls of which the ‘Green’ vsls were the 1st into service. Close interaction with Masters & 1st mates during operations resulted in some long lasting friendships tt regretably hv been lost overtime due presumably to relocations. James Komlosy fm Maine being a 1970s G.Harbour Master was one such friend.
    All 3 ships may well hv been scrapped by now as they were built over 30 yrs ago – I would be interested to know their fate and perhaps hear fm any persons with whom I had contact in those early LASH pioneering days in SEA. Rgds Owen O’Neill

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  4. Hi
    I spent a few days on Green Island as part of a Convoy Commodore staff that brought the DGAR ships into Saudi Arabia just before Operation Desert Shield in the first Gulf War. Also participated in an exercise around DGAR with other ships in the same squadron.

  5. K.S. Chew says:

    Itʹs a great pleasure to able read abt d S.S. GREEN ISLAND not forgetting her sister ships , namely, S.S. SAM HOUSTON, S.S. ROBERT E LEE, N S.S. STONEWALL JACKSON. It brings back fond memories n nostalgia for me in regard to these great n beautiful ships of d days gone by. I was n am still very humbled as i was appointed to carry out repairs on these magnificent ships including d feeder FLASH vessels , the tugs n barges in Port Klang, Malaysia starting from 1995 or 1996. Though there were not many works carried out unless on mostly urgent basis, it gives me great satisfaction all d work done were carried in good order n on schedule, notwithstanding d challenges, weather etc n most of all, d greatest ʹENEMYʹ, fighting against Father Clock that all to be completed in good order n condition as per d vesselʹs schedule. Always trying to complete before d schedule due to any unforseen circumstances or screw ups. tbcntnued.

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