NBC/Sci-Fi intentionally trying to kill off Battlestar Galatica

I’m sorry, but there is no other reason that Battlestar Galatica would be moved off of Friday night’s prime time slot and placed so late in the evening on Sunday night, especially with the first episode beginning right after (or in this case during) the NFL Conference Championships.  There is no excuse for this.  Wait, maybe there is a new hit show scheduled to be aired instead.  Let’s see their Friday night line up:

7:00pm:  “Heroes” – Now, ok, this is a good show, but this is a rerun from Monday night.  I like the fact that it is on Sci-Fi though where it belongs.

8:00pm:  “Dresden Files” – This seems like it will be a good show, however this is a rerun from Sunday night.  Why is this show slated for Sunday night as well?  Must be something really good in the 9 and 10pm time slots.

9:00pm:  “Jake 2.0” – This was a cute show a few years ago, but it’s dated and not worthy of a prime time slot.  Why isn’t this scheduled earlier in the evening or on another day?

10:00pm: “Jake 2.0” – Again???  Really, I’m a big fan of Keegan Connor Tracy (and who wouldn’t be), and I enjoy seeing her grace my big screen TV, but this is prime time folks! 

So, the cable channel which dominated Friday nights is now going soft.  No Stargate SG-1 until April, Battlestar Galatica moved to Sunday, and Doctor Who isn’t slated till when . . . June?  Why don’t they at least put Enterprise or Eureka on Friday?  I seriously believe the programmers at Sci-Fi have lost it and in need of being replaced.


2 Responses to NBC/Sci-Fi intentionally trying to kill off Battlestar Galatica

  1. hobbylobby says:

    we just started watching battlestar galactica and frackin love it!!
    very likely it’ll be on the top of my favorites list soon!!!

  2. Steve says:

    SciFi2u giving you Battlestar Galactica and the latest in SciFi.


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