Sports: Wildcard Sunday



Unfortunately I will not be able to do a live blogging event tomorrow during the Giants/Eagles game.  If you listen carefully though, you will hear me cheering as loud as I can during the game over at my friends house.  For all of you Giants fans, tomorrow is the day for you to cross your fingers, say your prayers, and do your victory dances to help our boys overcome a hot Eagles team and progress on to Chicago for a rematch.

 GOOD LUCK BOYS!!!  Tiki and Eli . . . you two can do it.  WE BELIEVE!!!


2 Responses to Sports: Wildcard Sunday

  1. mermaid632 says:

    now modu .. you can cross your fingers this weekend for the EAGLES!!!! LOL

  2. modu says:

    Nope, they lost the same way the beat the Giants. I’m glad to see that the Patriots won though. I love the Indy/Patriot battles. Think Peyton is finally going to win? Or will the Patriots go back to the bowl once again?

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