Musing: How NOT to get a million blog hits a day

Just scrolling through some of the hottest blogs/posts of the past few weeks, I have seen a trend which concerns me.  Like with most sensational media these days (CNN, Washington Post, Fox News, New York Times, etc), controversial and negative news dominates our lives.  Everywhere you go you see things like still and video images of Saddam’s hanging or Britney Spears walking around without underwear for no real reason other than it catches peoples hidden desire for things which are traditionally taboo.  There is nothing wrong with knowing about such events; however, to have this constantly being pushed in your face at the sake of other newsworthy items shows lack of integrity instilled in our modern media.  Integrity has been replaced with ratings.  Content has been replaced with sales.  To see so many top blogs/posts which mirror the modern actions of the mainstream media is a bit disappointing.

Here at MODU’s Musings, I will do my best not to post topics of this nature simply to drive up my viewership.  While my analysis of Apocalypto or the Antikythera Mechanism might not be as interesting as watching the cell phone video of Saddam dropping to his death, it is family friendly and positive, as well as being self-satisfying.  Again, there is nothing wrong with posting the above mentioned items, since the sharing of data is the best way for us to become smarter individuals, and knowledge will set you free.  If you are looking for these kind of topics on my site though, you will be highly disappointed.

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4 Responses to Musing: How NOT to get a million blog hits a day

  1. Laster says:

    Totally agree. These people are just reaping the benefits of major news. Why don’t these people publish something worthwhile that can’t be found on every major news site on the internet. Plus, this story is “old.” Saddam was killed like 4 or 5 days ago, and everyone has heard about him dying and it seems to me that people who wanted to see him die would have done so by now.

    I think it’s sick to want to see this man die, regardless of his crimes he committed against others. If he killed a relative of yours, I understand wanting to see him die, but wanting to see him die just to get yourself off is sick.

  2. cyndygreen says:

    Yes, you can say it is sick – but that is the nature of “news.”
    News is what happens – and people have always been fascinated by accidents, fires, mayhem, death since earliest times.
    Most legitimate news organizations self-censor what they feed to the public for a reason: they want to protect the public sensibilities. But they are protecting the public from what the public often secretly wants to see.
    The Internet has loosened the grip of the major news organizations and now the public can see what it wants (or not). And so they “tune in” to see what both attracts and repells them.
    Think about 911 – the unedited images that were broadcast unfiltered of a watershed moment. Bodies falling, people bleeding and traumatized. It doesn’t get more real than that and the news organizations didn’t/couldn’t take the time to filter anything. In this case the public got its news raw and real and was able to keep up with events as they unfolded – getting information at the same time as the pros.
    Even thought to some extent I agree that viewing some types of video might not be totally socially acceptable, I firmly believe that an informed and educated public should not be too sheltered.
    Too often we underestimate the intelligence of our public.
    And yes – I did view the videos of the execution. In my 28+ years in news I’ve seen pretty much everything and I wanted to see how the execution was handled. It disturbed me that it did not appear to be handled professionally, but seemed secretive and rushed. And no – I did not “get off” on watching it.

  3. modu says:

    I’ve seen the videos as well (thought it has been hard to avoid them even if I wanted to). To some extent, I think it is important for everyone to at least know that the video evidence of his execution is available so conspiracy theories of his death not occurring are easily debunked. I just don’t see the need to post the video on non-political websites for any reason other than to draw attention. Doing a little experiment, shortly after posting this article, I had 12 hits on the site from people searching for Saddam. I can only imagine how many hits might have occurred if I actually had his hanging video or the panty-less photos of Britney displayed.

    Thank Laster and cyndygreen for your mature and detailed comments. 🙂

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