Medical science: Possible cure to Type 1 Diabetes?

Note:  The information contained in the news summary and the article below discusses results from medical testing on non-humans, and therefore should not be considered as a found cure for practical application.  Most of us know someone who is suffering from diabetes.  Hopefully as further experimentation (both human and non-human) progresses, we will be able to come up with a cure for a growing medical concern for many people around the world.  Let’s just keep in mind that we are still far from a cure, and that we should not get up our hopes too quickly.  And with that . . . here’s the article.


 “Diabetes breakthrough

In the news article found at the link above, Canadian scientists came across an unexpected discovery recently while testing laboratory mice with medicine to treat a different ailment.  In the morning following the injection, diabetic mice were nearly cured, leading scientists to believe that Type 1 diabetes is similar to Type 2, and that both are triggered by the body’s nervous system and not from an auto-immune deficiency.  Take the time to read the article above.  Hopefully this discovery might lead to a cure, and might open the door to yet even more medical discoveries down the road.


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