Movies page: Happy Feet

Happy Feet:  Surprisingly, I thought this was a very good movie.  Dancing penguins might sound a bit silly, but when it is combined with the music of the movie, it brings everything together.  The music spans many decades and is an important part of the story.  Since this is a new movie, I do not want to give too much away, but basically the movie is about a young penguin named Mumble who cannot sing but can dance, which makes him an outcast from his community.  He searches for his meaning of life and comes across a variety of new friends and foes on his adventure.  There is a touch of environmental awareness messages in the movie, but not enough to consider it to be an Al Gore bore movie.  I recommend this movie for anyone, though there is a little “mature” conversations during the film (basically that a man and a woman get together to create a baby).  If you have not discussed this with your child before, you might be asked questions about the birds and the bees afterwards.  Over all, I give the movie a B+.


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