Games page: Counter-strike

Counter-strike – When I am not playing Civilization III, I can be found running around the virtual world with knife in hand (after all, you always run faster with a knife) playing Counter-strike with my fellow clan members.  Counter-strike is a first-person based battle game where you assume the role of a terrorist or counter-terrorist and work together with your team to achieve a goal (rescue hostages, bomb a target, kill your enemies).  Counter-strike is built using the Half-Life engine created by Valve Software 

Counter-strike is a multi-player only game where you need to navigate various maps while completing your assigned goals.  Most maps these days are developed by individual gamers rather than the company, so that allows for a lot of original content to be shared between the online community; always providing a new challenge as time goes on.  And being a multi-player game, the complexity of play each time you log on changes relative to the persons currently sharing the server.  Popular maps draw large crowds, while unpopular/boring maps have smaller crowds.

An off-shoot of Counter-strike was the development of clans; people who play together often who create their own internal community and share a specific server and/or website.  This level of interaction allows for more enjoyable play as well as increased difficulty as the players begin to learn everyone’s patterns and strategies.  Overcoming your enemy is job #1.  So lock and load and join in the battle! 


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