Games: Civilization III

Civilization III – There are currently four main versions of Sid Meier’s award winning Civilization series, however Civilization III is my favorite. I was first introduced to Civilization back in 1991 and became instantly hooked. Every free moment I found in the day was dedicated to unlocking the secrets of the game in order to dominate my opponents as fast as possible in order to rule the world. In 1997, I picked up Civilization II and fell in love again, though there seemed to be something missing from the game. It played similar to the original version with a few added technological advances and civilization developments, but the desire I had to “waste my life away” as I did with the first version was just not there. Fortunately, I just had to wait four short years to have the desire once again.

Still keeping with the basic game play as the original version, the addition of an advanced diplomacy option between the various nations as well as the concept of culture created a complete game which provides years of constant enjoyment. No single game is the same, meaning you might be short-handed from the start, being constantly picked on by your neighbors, or you might be blessed with abundant resources and have a huge leap ahead over everyone else. To date, I have yet to achieve a domination victory under the “Monarch” difficulty level, and there are still two additional difficulty levels beyond that. This game will keep me going for a very long time.

I have not played Civilization IV yet, but I do have a friend who bought it earlier this year. I am waiting for her report on the game play to see if she enjoyed it as much as she did Civilization III. Once I do, and if she recommends the game, I will break out the credit card and advance to the next level.


One Response to Games: Civilization III

  1. fencer says:

    I’ve got Civilization IV and played it some. It is good… just that it seems like there’s too many interesting games these days, so I haven’t played it much lately.

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