What is a “MODU?”

I guess the best first topic for the Blog is . . . what is a “MODU?”  “MODU” stands for “Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit.”  Basically, they are off-shore drilling platforms that can be transferred from one point to another for various drilling tasks.  Some MODU’s are jack-up rigs, which raise their legs off the sea floor and are towed by vessels to their next desired drilling location. 


Other MODU’s are submersible or semi-submersible, which float on buoyant pontoons to their desired location.  Then the pontoons are flooded, lowering the vessel.  Semi-submersible’s will not touch the ground, while submersible’s will come to rest on the sea floor. 


The last major form of MODU’s is the drillship, which is basically a ship with a drilling rig.  It positions itself over the desired location for drilling and maintains its position through a series of thrusters.


If you are interested in learning more about MODU’s, please feel free to ask.


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